Over the course of the past five years, I have spent countless hours working with musicians on their email newsletters. From design to browser compatibility to newsletter content to CAN/SPAM-compliant send practices, it’s safe to say that I probably know more about music newsletters than just about anyone.

To this point, only my paid clients have benefited from that knowledge. But now, I’m making that information available to all musicians. Some of you might decide to start using my high-value service, many of you probably won’t. But either way, I hope you’ll find this website to be a very helpful resource.

The key to success for musicians today is to build strong relationships with their fans, and email is a very important component of that effort. Unlike social networks (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace), email is a direct one-to-one communication with your fans that doesn’t require the intervention of a third party. And that’s pretty critical, because while there’s no guarantee that Twitter/Facebook/MySpace will keep your fans engaged, with email you control directly whether your fans remain engaged and interested in you and your music.

This site will present you with a litany of great ideas for powering up your email newsletters. It will help you to better understand what CAN/SPAM compliance is all about, in plain English. It will point out great complementary resources to help you further your music career. And whenever I see a musician doing something truly innovative and/or revolutionary, I’ll be sure to share it with you.