It’s a difficult time to make it as a musician, and Band Letter is all about helping you to navigate these challenging waters and achieve your goals. From designing a great-looking newsletter to helping you come up with content that will keep your fans engaged and excited, we’re here to help you cultivate your fan base.

Here are some of the key features Band Letter offers…

  • High-Quality Email Newsletter Design: We’ll put together a high-quality email newsletter design for you, incorporating logo, graphics, and photos from your website/Facebook/MySpace. This way, your email communications will be consistent with your other online marketing efforts.
  • Email List Management: We’ll manage your email list for you, including (if applicable) geographical, press, industry, and other sub-lists.
  • You Own Your List: Unlike with online social communities, with Band Letter you own your list. Anytime you want us to send you an updated list file (including all subscribers and unsubscribes), we’ll be glad to provide it.
  • Email Send Management: We’ll send out your email newsletter for you, with delivery rates consistently at or near 100%. And we’ll send it “from” your email address, so all replies go directly to you.
  • Monthly Reminders: If you like, we’ll send you a free monthly reminder to put together your Band Letter. This makes it even easier for you to remember to keep your fans connected.
  • Plus much, much more!