A few short weeks ago, I was walking along the coast in Marblehead and I heard the most amazing sound – that of the Black Scoter, one of North America’s least known waterfowl. Hundreds, if not thousands of these birds swarmed the waters in the harbor, with their haunting signature call hovering through the clouds and coastal mist. It has been characterized as a plaintive, mellow whistling sound but it simply doesn’t do it justice. I have never seen these birds migrate here before, and now, after just a few weeks, it seems they are gone, after reassuring us that Spring must be on its way! And such a welcome it is to feel Spring in the air again after yet another cold New England Winter.

In the News:
Purchase Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow

Always an exciting time as the Earth comes alive, but even more so that my new album, Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow, is here! Official release date is 5/10/19 and the Media campaign is in full swing. In fact, the first review is already in!

“Sweeten has vanquished cancer twice and now is faced with a third go round. With the spirit she imbues her new age/contemporary instrumental piano playing with and the friends that are gathered here around her, you can hear and feel why this is the kind of set that could reignite new age back into the mainstream, this is the kind of quality music that Duke Ellington would refuse to label. Simply as good as it gets.”
               -Midwest Record

This album refers to the time before my diagnosis of Leukemia, and then, looking ahead and beyond the immediate with hope for the future. The album is a journey, and one that continues but it is a testament to my resilience and my will.

The musicians on the new album have been incredible, their talents underscoring the message that the piano is sending out into the world. I’d like to thank Nancy Rumbel (English Horn), Eugene Friesen (Cello), Charlie Bisharat (Violin), Premik Russell Tubbs (Soprano Saxophone) and Trisha Craig (Flute) for their heartfelt stellar performances. As always many thanks to Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton for their magic!

At the end of February I saw my oncologist and he gave me the news that he would raise the dosage of the new drug as I’m still not in Molecular Remission. I am in Clinical Remission, but a full remission at the molecular level is the desired goal. Unfortunately, a few weeks on the higher dose brought the onslaught of Pneumonia and Bilateral Pleural Effusion and I had to go on steroids and a dose of antibiotics. My Dr. said this would mean we have to change drugs again as I obviously can’t tolerate this one either. I told him I felt rather disheartened but he encouraged me that we would find the right one. So, as of this newsletter I have been on the drug for about 3 weeks and, I humbly ask for your prayers it not only works, but does not bring with it any devastating side effects!

In other news, we have adopted a third dog and “Remy” is a wonderful addition to our canine family. Loves our girls and they love him – playtime is constant unless they’re sleeping due to exhaustion!!!

Sheet Music

All sheet music, on the new website, is now available under the Store tab and is listed by score and the album on which it appears. As always, cast your votes for the scores you wish to be available in sheet music and I will be sure to make it happen for you.

2019 Concert Dates

August 3, 2019
7:30 pm
The Clayton Opera House
Clayton, NY
Contact: Terra Bach, Thousand Islands Land Trust
(315) 686-5345

2020 Concert Dates

2020 Performances in Washington and California to be announced! But mark your calendars for October 3 thru October 10.


Some of you may have noticed if you’ve been on Facebook lately that I’m using my pages not only for Music Career updates but to voice concerns over the Environment and the plight of Animals everywhere. I hope you’ll take a look and consider taking action on the various issues. It only takes a few seconds but can contribute a great deal toward making a difference and getting our Planet and all its inhabitants to a better place!

Snow Drops

I’ll reach out again as the reviews come in during the campaign. In the meantime, get out and enjoy the fresh air and warm Spring sunshine, a tonic I crave this time each year.

Best wishes,
Ann Sweeten

Photographs by Randall Yoder, RBY Photography, Salem, MA

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